My name is Lim and I am a parisian photo retoucher based in Lisbon.
I am grateful for every second on Earth, every soul on my journey.

I am a traveler. I have lived in several countries
(France, South Korea, Netherlands and Portugal for now)

Throughout the world,
I have worked with amazing people of all ethnicities and religions.
I am open minded and do not make any distinction.

When I do not work, you can find me at the crossfit box lifting some weights
or chilling/meditating at the beach.

A decade years ago,
I developed a passion for photography and retouching images.
For each retouch, I try to highlight the model’ beauty. I always try to improve the pictures preserving the natural form photography and the texture without reaching some disgracious effects and blurs.

I always pay attention to details.

My rates depend on what you want to be done with the image.
Send your photo(s) to my email photo@pcqsp.fr and write what you need to be done in details and I will get back to you with the quote. Or contact me by WhatsApp.


7,50€ per photo


15€ per photo


37,50€ per photo

Orders are usually retouched within 2-5 days.
If you need the results faster please do let me know.

I accept Paypal.

Feel free to contact me,
I speak French, English and Cambodian
and I am learning Portuguese